Meet the Speakers and the Committee!

              Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting our main                                       speaker for Hadootho 2019...

                                 Mrs.  Lijin Thomas


Lijin loves playing football but she have injured her finger in the past from playing and had to have surgery from it. She looks forward to going on “Mission: Possible” adventures with the participants! Come to Hadootho to get to know Lijin and her mission. She might even play football with you!


                              Meet the Co-conveners 

                                                       Ansu Bensen


Ansu is the co-convener of Hadootho 2019. She goes to Salus University for optometry. Her 5 year old peds patient and her bonded over Batman and then he fell asleep in the middle of the eye exam. Ansu is looking foreward to stargazing and having fellowship with the Philly and DMV youth! I am sure Hadootho won’t put you to sleep like her 5 year old patient did.

                                                       Rona Raju


Rona is also another co-convener of Hadootho this year. Rona is a big foodie. She loves tying different cuisines. She is praying that the participants will be spiritual nourished after attending the camp. Who ever is a food lover like Rona should come to camp to bond over food and Jesus!