Any individual that fails to comply with these regulations is subject to dismissal from the campus and sent home at his/her own expense. There will be no refunds and a written and verbal notification to the individual’s parish vicar and assistant vicar shall be issued. There shall be no exceptions to these rules.

Rules and regulations of MGOCSM Philadelphia include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Attendance and participation in all meetings, general sessions, events, and activities is mandatory, with an emphasis on being punctual.
  2. During the dates of the camp, July 3 to July 6, the registrants are not allowed to leave the campus grounds for any reason, unless allowed by Hadootho Committee and officiating clergy.
  3. In the case of medical emergency, the Hadootho committee, officiating clergy, and the police should be informed immediately so that appropriate care can be obtained.
  4. All facility and residence hall rooms must be left in the condition found. No furniture may be moved out of the rooms or from lounge areas into individual rooms. Theft or vandalism of the camp’s property is strictly prohibited
  5. There shall be no inappropriate physical or verbal harassment against the camp attendees, the Hadootho committee, or Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center (HTRC) employees.
  6. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings.
  7. There shall be no use, consumption, or possession of alcohol, drugs, hazardous/flammable materials, or weapons anywhere on the campus.
  8. HTRC, MGOCSM Philadelphia and the Northeast American Diocese of the Indian Orthodox Church are not responsible for any personal property that may be lost, stolen, or damaged.
  9. All vehicle keys will be confiscated upon arrival at the campsite, unless registrants are commuters.
  10. Reasonable quiet is expected at all times. Please be considerate of others when entering and leaving the residence halls and other buildings.
  11. Camp participants of the opposite sex shall show no public forms of affection to each other.
  12. Cell phones are to be turned off or put on vibrate at all times.
  13. Camp participants are to attend all sessions, and are not allowed to hang-out or sleep during any sessions that require their attendance. Consequences for such behavior are removal from the camp, phone call to parents and vicars.
  14. Officiating clergy, MGOCSM Philadelphia officials, Hadootho Committee members may dismiss any participant for reasons that violate the moral and ethical rules, standards and traditions of the Indian Orthodox Church.

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