What is Hadootho?

Hadootho is the annual Orthodox Christian summer camp hosted by MGOCSM Philadelphia. The word “Hadootho” is the Syriac word for “Unity,” which describes perfectly what this camp represents.  This is the tenth year that all the churches in the Philadelphia area come together to host this camp. This year, the camp will be held at the Northeast American Diocese Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center from Wednesday July 3rd – Saturday July 6th 2019.


This is a time when our Orthodox youth from Philadelphia gather in one place to grow in Jesus Christ by acquiring a vast set of skills to strengthen their spiritual life through various activities and workshops. The youth are also challenged to live by the principles and values of the Bible and learn the living traditions of the Church. Socially, they will be able to interact with other Orthodox youth from Philadelphia and share their spiritual struggles and triumphs. The camp is blessed to have had bishops, priests, deacons, seminarians, and lay leaders who are strong in the faith and moral standards to guide the youth in Christian living and our Orthodox practices. Throughout the whole camp experience, participants will enjoy their stay and depart with great memories, experiences, and lessons to bring back to their own churches, families, and communities.

We ask that you continuously pray for MGOCSM Philadelphia and the planning of the 2019 Summer Camp.